Chapter Member Mug Shots

Last update: Monday, 7 March 2015, 11 PM

Eastern Sierra Chapter Ridgecrest (ESCR) Patch
Debbie and Tracy A.
Makay C., Tracy and Debbie A.
Stacy and Dan A.
Dan flying our ESCR flag at Ridgecrest's 50th Anniversary
Barb and Stan at Monterey's Forrest Gump's
Barb's new trike March 2012
Erin and Stan Jr. A.
Ken B.
Ken in Oakhurst for Yosemite Ride
Yvette and Hal B.
Hal a bit annoyed over a dead battery
Vicki B. and Paul P.
Vicki and Paul in Yosemite
Ann and Al B.
Ann and Al's new Freewheeler ... !
Billee and Bland B.
Bland's RAGHOG banners are collector's item now ... !
John C. with Morro Bay Rock in the background
Sara and Dave C.
John C. with daughter Joanna
Mike C. -- Serving our troops any way he can
Mike flying three-flag parade configuration
Denise and Chuck C.
Chuck and Grandson in our Ridgecrest 50th Parade
Amy and Scott C.
Let me tell you who's the "Best bang in town"
Jeff D.
Leslie D.
Leslie's new Switchback
Natalie and Marty D.
Parys and Mike D.
Part of Natalie and Marty's family
You got'ta love Parys's boots ... !
Marty at ESCR Ordnance Day
Niles E.
Niles on his bike
Ron E. -- Our Antelope Valley Harley Shop Sponsor ... !
Will E.
Scott F.
Scott's awesome taste
Vikki and Dwight F.
Vikki and Dwight out in the wild
Kim and Randy G.
Mia T. ( G. ;) )
Robert G.
Diane and Dino G.
Annie and Bobby H.
Thanks Bobby ... for our new ESCR patch
Ted H.
Brenda H.
Brenda rode to our picnic ready to camp
Gina and Jens J.
Robert J.
Mark K.
Laurie and Scott K. ... Antelope Valley Harley Shop Manager
Ron L.
Paula and Ben L. at Forrest Gump's
Lupe and Paul L.
Debby and Dennis L.
Heather and Justin M.
Judy and Don M.
Judy and Don M's. Las Vegas Little White Chapel Harley Wedding
Susie, Rod and Maria M.
Diane and Dennis M.
Debbie and Bruce M.
Sandra and Mike M.
Bear M. with daughter Merryn and son Tiernan
Debra and Jeff N.
Sue and Scooter P.
Dale R.
Debbie R. and Mike R.
Don R.
Sally Ann and John S.
Cameron S.
Michelle and Doug S.
Rollin S. ... one of the brightest folks I know
Kimberly and John S.
Terri and Mike S.
Wade T.
Wade being Wade ... !
Geneva and Bill T.
Anthony T.
Sandra and Fred T.
Sheilla and Frank V.
Judy and John W.
Ethel's Old Corral Cafe, Bakersfield

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