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Hal Bennett

Last update: Saturday, 10 February 2018, 8:30 PM

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Eastern Sierra Chapter Ridgecrest (ESCR) Patch
Hal's not happy ...
... and Hal's not happy because his bike broke ... !
Hal among some of our ESCR HOGs with military service Hal's super happy...taking his proud place
among former and active Marines
at our annual Toys for Tots
We often ride in the fog ... on our treks to Morro Bay
Hal and John C. ... !
Hal enjoying the architecture at Dugan's Restaurant...Lone Pine
Yvette and Hal ... Christmas Party time

Date posted: Thursday, 21 January 2016, 1:30 PM

HOG Road Captains,

If you attended our last meeting you heard that we will be holding our annual RC meeting Jan 27th, 6:00 PM @ the Grape Leaf. This is the time we all step through the manual, reviewing our roles and responsibilities for planning and shepherding the thundering herd on our official HOG rides. It’s also an opportunity to update our manual, so please review the enclosed PDF document ( Go ... ! ) prior to the meeting so we can speed it along. Being a mid-week meeting I understand that not everyone can attend, so those of you that can’t please review and provide comments back in advanced so that I can share your inputs.

Appreciate an email reply of your plans to attend.


Date posted: Monday, 11 January 2016, 12:30 PM

Hello Eastern Sierra HOGs,

I'm planning a Road Captain meeting for the last Wednesday evening in January. Email will go out.

There is a two-year coordinator for the Toys for Tots program. So please ... each member bring a toy to each Chapter meetings.

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